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A real joy derived from the work performed, combined with endless optimism and inner balance.
Feel the spirit of the Bali islands in your company and let your clients enjoy this unique atmosphere.

About us

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We are a company that recruits employees from the tourism and hotel industry in Croatia. Based on many years of experience, knowledge of the local market and its needs, we are able to guarantee employment in many different positions in the catering and hotel sector in accordance with the qualifications and aspirations of our employees.
We provide them with stable conditions for cooperation, professional training, assistance in adapting to a new workplace, and an attractive social package.

During the recruitment process, we are trying to make the best possible match of the candidates to the expectations of potential employers. In order to ensure the highest quality of our services, we only offer educated and committed people for the vacancies, who will be able to meet the requirements for the employees occupying given functions.

Our main goal is to achieve optimal satisfaction of both our employees and the companies looking for them, because we know that only thanks to this we can dynamically develop and offer employment to others.


The charm of these several thousand small islands is simply unspeakable.
Lush vegetation entangling numerous volcanoes, tropical forests, oriental aroma of incense accompanying us at every step and incredibly picturesque rice terraces - these are just a few factors influencing the color of this tropical corner of the earth.
It is a truly mystical place filled with magic, spirituality, as well as wonderful people, full of peace and commitment.

This characteristic harmony, vigor and spirituality of the inhabitants of Bali translates not only into the atmosphere of this beautiful archipelago, but also into every sphere of their lives, from everyday to professional. 

The real joy derived from the work performed, combined with endless optimism and internal balance. The only way to truly understand the essence of this character and mentality is to surround yourself with their extraordinary aura. Fortunately that is where we come with help.

The offer

The services provided by our specially selected employees are divided into the following categories depending on the nature of the services provided:
  • current services - those provided mainly to hotel clients. This type of profession includes, among others, the position of porter service, a maid, or a receptionist.
  • basic services - this category includes catering and bartending services.
  • additional services - mainly including spa service, which includes various types of massages and beauty treatments performed by professionals from Bali.
All variants of cooperation are arranged individually, based on the needs reported by a given client. We are honored to offer you services of truly exceptional employees with unprecedented enthusiasm and approach to work. Feel free to contact us and see the Photo Gallery tab, where you can see what trainings and courses are currently attended by the proposed employees.



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